Saturday, November 2, 2013

C4T # 3

Comment #1,
Hello Mr. Crosby
My name is Secoria Burks, I am a junior at the University of South Alabama. Currently I am taking EDM310 and this week I have been assigned to comment on your post. I will be summarizing your post and my comment on our class blog.

I have never experienced an earthquake before, the closest experience I can recall is when a plane flew to close to our trailer and shook everything. It is really though cool that you could find a lesson plan in a natural disaster. I'm sure it was really cool for your students, and it was a creative way to pull a positive from something negative.

Comment #2,
Hello Mr.Crosby,
I really like your analogy for this post. As a student in EDM310 I can definitely feel the workout that my brain is receiving. I can also see how by having to do assignments weekly is making them easier. The fact that my work can be and is seen by other people makes me more conscious about the quality of my work.

My C4T for this month was Mr. Brian Crosby, I was really excited to be assigned to him. Something I gained from both of his post were that you have to seize opportunity when it strikes. Any catastrophic natural disaster is can be seen as a negative and indeed usually has negative effects on children socially but Mr.Crosby turned it into an assignment. Another thing I admired about the first post was that he took into consideration the emotional trauma some of his students would have. He made arrangements so those students would be able to learn the same material without bringing up any painful thoughts. The second post was very relevant to my current situation as a student in this class. The first couple of weeks in this class were very difficult, similar to how difficult it is when you work out for the first time. As the semester progressed and I got slightly better at doing things it became easier. Honestly I was very pleased with C4T this assignment.

 A photo of Mr. Brian Crosby