Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blog Post #10...What I Learned from Randy Pausch!!!

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture 

I can honestly say that I learned a lot from this last lecture. Initially when I saw that the video was an hour and sixteen minutes long, I was tempted to just skim through the video and find five or six note worthy points. Doing that I would have cheated myself out of a great lecture and some much needed inspiration. The most important things I learned from Dr.Pausch were that: Brick walls make us prove how bad we are willing to work for something, criticism is good for students and teachers, find out where the bar is for your students by challenging it, and that sometimes you just have to give people a little more time. Out of the thirty-two points that I took from this video these four are my favorite. That's not to say that the other points weren't as good but these points stood out to me the most because when I teach those are things I would want my students to take away from my class. In essence my entire course would be a head fake, and the real lessons would be those previously stated. Another thing I took away from this lecture is that you can not be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes can be fixed, when Dr Pausch didn't succeed in something he tries harder and persevered until he met the goal that had evaded him. In these recent years of school I have experienced a shortage of childlike wonder when it comes to teaching. This lecture inspired me to remember what made me want to teach. Finally Dr.Pausch taught me that you can be a Tigger or an Eyore, choosing one or the other can have drastic effects on your life. Dr. Randy was a Tigger and even in the wake of imminent death he still managed to be a good and productive person.