Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Little About Myself

My name is Secoria Burks, but I go by Cori. I am from Jackson, Mississippi but I have lived in Montgomery, AL since I was six. I was born on July 31, 1993 to Aseelah Salaam and Oscar Burks.I have three siblings from my mother and in all I have fourteen siblings. I've only lived in Mississippi and Alabama but I have visited Europe, and ten states in the United States. My plans are to be in education for the rest of my life, I want to be a  history teacher in secondary education, then I want to be a principal, then I want to be superintendent, this has been my dream since the sixth grade.A few things I'm passionate about are my family, my dog, self preservation, roller derby and of course becoming a teacher.                                                                                                        
I come from a family of educators, all four of my great grandparents were teachers/professors. My granddad was a teacher, principal, and a superintendent,(my inspiration) and my grandmother was a early education specialist, my family is really weird in my opinion but I love it. My mother, grandmother, sisters, and I are very close we talk on a regular basis. The only thing that I am closer to is my dog King, he is my three yr. old black lab, and I love him SO much!!!! He is the light of my world and I'm probably going to spoil him to death. I am a proud member of the Mobile Derby Darlings, roller derby team. I'm not the star but I will get there. Some of my major interest are making money, pretty clothes (sparkly,flowy, gorgeous), and fun parties. I like chillin with my homies  when I'm not busy working or doing school work. I ended up at South unexpectedly to be honest. I applied and got excepted into five other institutions, I only filled out an application for South so I could go on a field trip for free. When we came for the campus visit (required part of the free field trip) I was already settled on the decision to go to Old Miss, but the Mobile weather tricked me. The fact that Mobile is so close to beaches, and this school was the cheapest with my scholarships so I decided to make the move to South. I don't regret it at all. I am a very good cook, and I enjoy being able to cook for my friends and family. I wish I was better with time management, I am horrible with scheduling and this often causes me to be late to stuff. All that you need to know about me is that I'm a very laid back person.
My photo collage includes portraits of my mother, my sister, and myself being very silly. A photo of my dog and I. Me at the beach, Waffle House, and the bowling alley with my friends.